This Trout Fishing Hack Can Save You Time & Money

This Trout Fishing Hack Can Save You Time & Money

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So What Is It?

If you haven’t tried this rig you’ve probably been wasting time and money. It’s not exactly revolutionary but I never see anglers out there using it.

Honestly, I have no idea what the actual name is but we’ll stick to “Bobber Stop Rig” for now! Here’s why it’s awesome.

How To Set Up The Bobber Stop Rig

bobber stop rig for troutThis rig is super easy, just grab some small bobber stops, 1/8 – 3/16oz. thin slip sinkers and any hook you prefer. If you’re fishing Powerbait, a size 16 gold treble hook is great.

  1. Slide on 1 or more thin sinkers as needed
  2. Slide 2-3 bobber stops after the weight
  3. Tie on your hook (I use a Palomar Knot for lighter line)

Time Is Everything

Using so many bobber stops for a single rig may seem like a waste but you won’t have to replace them for awhile. When bait fishing for trout you’ll most likely hook the fish deep, causing a difficult unhooking situation.

With the bobber stop rig I can break off the hook (I get it back when cleaning), slide the weight up a few feet and re-tie another hook quickly. No more cinching split shots or even worse, tying multiple leader knots for the typical Carolina Rig. Even if you’re able to unhook the fish it’s still good to re-tie especially with light line, but now you can do it much faster.

Saves Money, So Why Not!

Cha-Ching! I’ve had the same bobber stop rig on my bait rod for a few weeks now. Keep in mind that I fish for trout multiple times a week, so this has saved me a ton of tackle. Instead of losing a million split shots every trip I lose practically nothing except the hooks. After every trip I’ll slide the bobber stops up a few feet and cut off any flaky, nicked line. Now I’m ready for the next adventure.

Personal Tips

The quality of your bobber stops will also affect your rig. You can use cheap bobber stops but they tend to shift more during a cast, so use 3-4 of them after the weight if necessary.

I hope you’ve found this rig helpful, it’s worked absolute wonders for me. Try it out and let us know how you like it! Feel free to leave any type of feedback in the comments. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm. Tight lines!


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