Trapper Tackle Drop Shot Hooks

Trapper Tackle Drop Shot Hooks

trapper tackle drop shot hooks


The unique design of Trapper Tackle hooks had us very skeptical in the beginning. We didn’t fully understand how the patented Fish Lock technology worked until we started landing a few fish.

With a traditional J-style hook, your drop shot worms tend to swivel around the hook, but the 90-degree bend of the Trapper Tackle drop shot hook keeps your worms in a fixed position. This helps increase the longevity of your plastics, ultimately resulting in more casts and less worms lost.

Product Specifications
Sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0
Quantity Options 6pk & 25pk
Color/Finish Black Nickel
Features Fish Lock, Bait Lock, Piercing Point Technology

trapper tackle drop shot hook catches bassField Testing

The beauty of this hook isn’t just the way it holds baits, it’s the way it locks in the fish’s mouth. With a traditional J-style hook, the hook has a greater chance of turning and sliding out because of the curved design. Trapper Tackle solves this problem with the “Fish Lock” 90-degree bend.

This bend provides enough gap for hook penetration even with a rigged plastic while reducing the chance for the hook to outwards during a fight. The rectangle-shaped gap grabs the perfect amount of skin and if hooked in a firm spot, the fish stands no chance.

We fished these hooks on a standard drop shot setup using 8lb fluorocarbon and a 1/4oz. thin drop shot sinker. We caught fish on both wacky and nose-rigged 4.5″ Roboworms and the hook performed as promised. Even when the fish was hooked on the side of the mouth the hook seemed to have enough grip on the fish and barely swiveled around.

The only real issue we’ve experienced with the Trapper Tackle Drop Shot Hooks is that they hook the fish a little too well sometimes. The sharp bend makes it difficult to swivel the hook outwards when unhooking fish and we’ve even broken a few hooks when using pliers. Just goes to show how solid these hooks hold fish though!

Overall thoughts? We’re believers. We have yet to try the other products in the Trapper Tackle lineup but stay tuned for upcoming reviews. These drop shot hooks held our plastics and hooked fish great so far. The price point is slightly steeper than its peers but the bulk package option solves that issue. We are impressed with this innovative design and hope to continue testing Trapper Tackle’s products in the near future.