Shasta Lake Fishing Report

Shasta Lake Fishing Report

Shasta Lake CA

January 31, 2016

Source: Zak Elrite

During the official practice period for the Wild West Bass Trail I was able to catch fish near incoming water runoff and main lake points using a D&M Sniper spinnerbait. When the event started with clear, high skies and no rain I decided to take a more subtle approach. I utilized the D&M Underdawg jig head with a Keitech Swing Impact FAT trailer and fished it just off the bottom, only bumping rocks on occasion. This allowed me to target more aggressive fish while still covering water effectively.

When the fish got used to seeing the Underdawg, I switched to a Keitech Swing Impact FAT rigged on a ¼ ounce ball jig head, fishing it super slow. I also switched up to a tube from time to time and experienced quality bites as well.

My Setup

  • D&M Underdawg Swim Jig
  • Keitech Swing Impact FAT 3.8”
  • Dry Creek Tube in “Old Ugly” w/ ¼ oz. Darter Head
  • Rod: Dobyns Fury 703
  • Reel: Lew’s Gold Carbon 1000H
  • Line: 7lb Sunline FC Sniper


  • Weather: Partly sunny to clearing
  • Air Temp: Mid 60s
  • Water Temp: 48 degrees