Saltwater Fishing: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Saltwater Fishing: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Anglers who are dedicated to saltwater fishing are adamant about high-quality gear. Finding gifts for them can be tough since everything has a specific purpose on the boat.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a few items that are absolutely essential when saltwater fishing.

XtraTuf Legacy Series Boots

xtratuf legacy bootsThese boots are a man’s best friend while out in the ocean. The XtraTuf Legacy Series Boots are not only 100% waterproof but comfortable as well. The thick neoprene material protects your feet from fish spines and other dangerous items on deck.

Although it’s not necessary, we toss in a pair of gel inserts for extra comfort. Feels like we’re walking on clouds during the whole boat ride.

Rapala 9” Fish Gripper

rapala 9 inch fish gripperUnhooking toothy fish on a moving boat can be tricky. We love our Rapala 9” Fish Grippers for dealing with species such as lingcod who tend to thrash like crazy when out of water. This tool provides an amazing grip, allowing you to handle fish safer and more comfortably. Great for taking photos too!

Hurricane Aluminum Fish Bat

hurricane aluminum fish batFish bats are a more humane method of killing fish. A swift blow to the head and you’re done, eliminating the risk of a fish tossing hooks all around the boat. The Hurricane Aluminum Fish Bat is light and compact for easy swinging and stowing.

P-Line Laser Minnow

p-line laser minnowThe P-Line Laser Minnows are a versatile saltwater lure. They come in a variety of sizes that you can use for species such as rockfish, striper, etc.

Coleman Coastal Xtreme Cooler

coleman coastal xtreme coolerWe’re all about great deals for incredible quality. The Coleman Coastal Xtreme Cooler holds ice just as long (in some cases longer) than a high-end Yeti, making it one of the best options for storing fish or drinks. All that goodness for under $100? Sold.

Calcutta Dry Bag Backpack

calcutta 33 liter heavy duty dry bagWater gets everywhere on the boat, period. A dry bag is crucial for keeping your tackle protected during the trip, eliminating the chance of rust. We stumbled across the Calcutta Dry Bag Backpack and it’s been our favorite bag ever since.

Completely waterproof with ample storage space inside (holds almost 9 gallons!), this bag is great for stuffing tackle boxes, clothing and even fish if you ever forget your cooler.

Promar Fish Gaff 29-46″

promar fish gaffEvery big-game angler understands the importance of a gaff. Simply lifting a fish over the rail is impossible at times so we reach for the gaff.

A gaff needs to be both light and long enough to cover any situation. This one Promar gives you both features and is reasonably priced as well.

Salt Away Salt Removing Cleanser

salt away concentrate marine salt removing cleanserA must-have for boat owners, no excuses. Run Salt Away through your motor and you’ll save thousands in maintenance in the long run. This concentrate is incredible, and we use the spray bottle kit on our gear as well. Rods and reels take a beating in saltwater and not many products will dissolve salt as well as this one.