Optimum Baits Thumper Tail Swimbait: The Full Breakdown

Optimum Baits Thumper Tail Swimbait: The Full Breakdown


The Optimum Baits Thumper Tail swimbait has definitely gained a bunch of attention from swimbait enthusiasts over the past few weeks. This innovative swimbait is known for its unique swimming action as it mimics a stocked trout feeling a bit dizzy from the recent dumping.

Thanks to our boys Will Duncan & Cole Daniel from Hypebait, you can see the incredible wobbling action for yourselves.


The Thumper Tail is 9” in length and weighs roughly five ounces. The crowd-favorite color has been the Butch Brown Saiko Trout with the Dark Trout and Ghost Minnow not too far behind. The eyelets on both front and bottom of the bait are embedded within the plastic, and the bait comes pre-rigged with a treble hook near the head.

Why Is The Action Unique?

The Thumper Tail kicks like any typical swimbait, but the entire body also swings side-to-side as the tail kicks. This gives the bait a very wide, erratic swimming action that no other swimbait can imitate. The swinging action is best achieved during a slow to moderate retrieve, giving the bait enough time to swing from one side to the other. If retrieved at a faster pace, the action is more like that of a regular swimbait, with the body swimming straight and tail throbbing as usual.

Throwing The Thumper Tail

We would definitely recommend throwing the Thumper tail on a designated swimbait setup, preferably a rod that can throw at least 5-6 ounces. A round reel is also recommended as they’re capable of holding more yards of 20-25lb test monofilament or 50-65lb braid.

Here are a few personal gear recommendations for throwing the Thumper Tail.

Swimbait Rod
Model Length & Action Lure Rating Price
 Dobyns 795SB  7’9″ Med. Hvy Fast  1-5oz.  $119.99
 Daiwa DXSB801MHFB  8′ Med. Hvy Fast  1-6oz.  $109.99
 Okuma GS-C-711HA  7’11” Hvy. Med. Fast  1-6oz.  $124.99


Swimbait Reels
Model Gear Ratio Line Capacity Price
 Shimano Cardiff 300A  5.8:1  17lb/150yds  $109.99
 Daiwa Lexa 300H  6.3:1  20lb/120yds  $199.99
 Lew’s Super Duty SD1H  6.4:1  12lb/150yds  $179.99

Custom Tweaks

We highly recommend swapping out the stock treble hook for a sharper, stiffer one. Any of the Owner Stinger ST-36 or Gamakatsu Round Bend trebles are great alternatives and will increase your hooking ratio as well as avoid any bending. Make sure you bend one of the hooks out a bit to help it stay in the plastic better. Take a look at Optimum Bait’s photo for more info.

If you’re not too confident with the single treble all the way up front, feel free to add a stinger hook on the back rigged Butch Brown style or simply attach a treble on the bottom with the given eyelet. Only add the bottom hook if you’re fishing more open water to avoid snags.

We Want To See!

Please tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you guys land any chunky bass with the Thumper Tail! We love seeing all of your latest catches and would be more than happy to shout you out on our social media. Thanks for reading and hope this helped.

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