Never Tie A Fishing Knot Ever Again? Tauten LineWelder Review

Never Tie A Fishing Knot Ever Again? Tauten LineWelder Review

tauten fishing linewelder automatic line tying kit

The LineWelder by Tauten Sports solves a common problem that all anglers run into – any knot you tie with fishing line causes kinks and stress in certain areas, resulting in a loss of strength.

The Tauten LineWelder eliminates this issue by “welding” two lines together with a patented polymer sleeve. This is great for attaching a single lure or connecting two lines together, whether it’s the same type (monofilament to monofilament, etc.) or different (mono to fluorocarbon, mono to braid, etc.)

What You Get

We bought our LineWelder kit on Amazon for around $200 and it came with:

  • LineWelder device
  • Base Mount
  • EVA hard case
  • 100yds of Tauten MonoWeld line
  • Outrigger Line Clamp
  • 3 Boxes of Welding Cartridges (Three capsules per box, 9 total)
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply

There’s a cheaper kit as well (around $140) but it doesn’t come with the base mount, line clamp, and extra capsules.

tauten linewelder three pack of welding cartridges

How To Use the Tauten LineWelder

The beauty of this device is in the ease of use. If you’re just tying a lure, simply run the line along both slots (shown below) and close the lid. Then all you do is click the blue “Go” button and it starts welding immediately.

A blinking green light means the weld is still in progress, and a solid green light means you’re good to go – just open the lid and pop your fresh weld out of the case and you’re ready to fish!

Things To Take Note Before Buying The Tauten LineWelder

To be honest, the initial cost, speed of welding and overall strength will deter young and/or experienced anglers, but we’re throwing this on the blog for those who actually need a tool like the LineWelder.

Critics argue that the completed weld might deter fish since the polymer sleeve isn’t exactly stealthy-looking. For those fishing in finicky situations such as clear water, this may also be an issue but most anglers don’t seem to have an issue catching fish regardless.

For the elderly or disabled who find it harder to tie knots, the Tauten LineWelder will prove to be very handy. It’s easy enough to maneuver with a single hand and is a blessing for those who find it difficult to see while tying thinner lines. Connection knots can be tricky as well, so for those who have trouble with it the LineWelder is here to help.