Manresa State Beach Fishing Report

Manresa State Beach Fishing Report


April 10, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh & Alaine Flandez

There have been many striper caught at Manresa in the past few weeks but most are shaker size with a few keepers in between. Bait anglers are using live bloodworms, pile worms and sand crabs on a Carolina (Sliding Sinker) Rig and lure anglers are throwing small Big Hammer Swimbaits and hard baits including SP Minnows, Lucky Craft Pointers and Cotton Cordell Poppers.

We went out during the tail end of the rain, with overcast skies and a light sprinkle all day. After talking to local anglers and trying for striper ourselves, we switched over to a Carolina rig with Berkley Sandworms searching for perch. We had a bunch of bites but only landed a few fish not worthy of the dinner plate. The striper bite should be better going into summertime so we’ll be back out again soon.