Los Vaqueros Reservoir Fishing Report

Los Vaqueros Reservoir Fishing Report

los vaqueros south cove

March 27, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

Extremely windy first thing in the morning. It was blowing so badly we had to call it a day pretty early (plus I had work at noon). Our buddy Mike went out there and caught some decent Lassen trout on Powerbait and mini jigs. The weather seemed to have calmed down later on in the afternoon.

March 23, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

SUPER slow in the morning, but they stocked Mt. Lassen’s at around 11am so the bite picked up dramatically. Heavier winds and lower water quality caused us to switch over to Kastmasters and Rooster Tails but it worked! Landed plenty of chunky Lassen trout before noon and headed out. Definitely trying to go back tomorrow while it’s still a great bite.

February 10, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh & Alaine Flandez

Stocked with DFG and Mt. Lassen trout the day before. Overcast all day with light rain every once in awhile. There was a moderate to heavy wind the whole day but it broke up the water’s surface making the trout more active. Trout bite was amazing! The lure bite was so good we barely found time to tend to our Powerbait rods. Our group probably caught over 100 smaller DFG trout all day on small Kastmasters, trout worms and jigs.

Alaine landed a 6lb Lassen and we had other 3-4lb Lassen chunks in the basket as well. Overall a crazy bite, definitely need to head back there soon while it’s still on fire.

February 2, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

The trout fishing has slowed a bit since the massive number of limits pulled out a few weeks ago, but fishing is still pretty steady. Anglers are mostly fishing the South Cove with both lures, soft plastics and bait. The most successful lure appears to be any smaller Kastmaster with popular colors including Blue/Chrome, Chrome, and Gold. Others are split-shotting small trout worms on ultralight tackle and soaking Powerbait (Chartreuse, Garlic, Green Pumpkin, etc). Cowboy Cove is also providing decent fishing and anglers are using everything mentioned above.

If you’re looking for a striper bite the best chances are off of the rental boats. Lure choices include spoons, Alabama rigs and even large swimbaits such as Huddlestons, S-Wavers, etc. Can’t go wrong with soaking anchovies either so if you have a two-pole stamp be sure to try both methods.