Lake Del Valle Fishing Report

Lake Del Valle Fishing Report

powerbait trout fishing at a lake

January 5, 2017

They stocked the lake with Mt. Lassen on Monday (Jan. 2) so we decided to give them a few days to settle in. We got to the lake first thing in the morning and got into a few decent fish on jigs and Kastmasters. The bite started to die for the next few hours and didn’t pick up until the afternoon. When everyone started leaving our group began getting bites on bait, slowly but steadily. We ended the day with a chunky stringer including a 5.3lber and 4.7lb Lassen. The fish seemed to be out deeper since there was a bunch of blue-green algae right up against the bank. Glad we stayed the extra few hours, it was definitely worth it.

December 4, 2016

Source: Stefano Massoud, Andrew Yeh, Gordon Dere

Finally got a chance to launch a boat after two months of hitting the bank for trout. Drove around the lake looking for stripers but weren’t able to find any fish at the usual spots so we decided to hit largemouth for a bit instead. Ended up landing two beasts within 20 minutes – one was 6.3lbs and the other was a whopping 8.5lber. The angler who showed us how to fish the spot would like to keep the baits a secret (sorry!) but we caught them a little bit on the deeper side around 15-20ft down. Caught a 3lb trout on a medium diving crankbait as well! Interesting day overall.

December 4, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh, Chase Fino, Michael Aguilar

Pretty slow bite first thing in the morning but Michael landed a decent 2lb Lassen off the jig second cast. Throughout the day we caught a couple more fish soaking Garlic Powerbait, and they were decent ones in the 2-3lb class. Andrew missed a BIG trout on a mini jig… fish was probably around 4-5lbs. Not many others were catching fish around us, our buddy showed up later and landed a few on inflated nightcrawlers. Most of the fish were Mt. Lassen strain so we were happy nonetheless.

November 19, 2016

Source: Gordon Dere

Fishing wasn’t too great today. Got out there around 10am and fished until closing. Ended the day with some DFG and a couple decent Lassen rainbows. Not many people were catching them at all, and every once in awhile a school of small DFG trout would roll through and eat small plastics and Powerbait. Iffy day but I’ll get ’em next time.

November 17, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh & Gordon Dere

750lbs of Mt. Lassen rainbows were planted the day before. There was definitely a drop in temperature and you could finally feel the beginnings of winter creep through today. Bunch of little DFG trout were landed with only one 2-3lb Lassen among the bunch. Lost a couple other Lassens around the same size (dang it!). A 22lb striper was caught right next to us on a big swimbait with another one about 10-12lbs caught shortly before. Overall a pretty below-average day for trout but it was awesome seeing such a monster striper landed.

gordon with limits of rainbow troutOctober 26, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh & Gordon Dere

Absolutely whacked the Lassen today! Three limits of beefy 2-3lbers caught on a little bit of everything. Everyone did pretty dang well but our group kept consistent pressure on ’em. Small Chrome/Orange Kastmasters were doing well as well as an array of light crappie tubes and other small plastics. Caught all up and down the East Swimming Beach.

April 12, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

The water has definitely cleared up since a few weeks ago. We fished the East Swimming Beach for trout but ended catching a bunch of smallmouth bass on accident while using mini jigs and an assortment of soft plastics. Our biggest trout that day was a 5lb Mt. Lassen rainbow but other than that it was a smallmouth bite… We’ll stick to Los Vaqueros for now!

February 27, 2016

Source: Alaine Flandez

Started at Shadow Cliffs with no luck so headed over to Del Valle around 11am. Rented a pontoon boat with the family for the day. Landed a few small trout in along points and shallow areas throughout the lake. Kept an eye on the East Swimming Beach shore anglers and noticed that many of them were landing trout with Powerbait in Chartreuse and Rainbow. One man landed a carp around 10lbs a few minutes before closing.

February 24, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

Madison with trout at Del ValleFished the East Swimming Beach from 12-4pm. Water clarity was very clear and there was a slight breeze that broke up the surface all day. The last time they stocked was last week so the bite was
pretty rough. Most fish came off of Chartreuse and Garlic Powerbait but they were all the smaller DFG strain. A few anglers landed keeper-sized striper on anchovies. One man had a double trout hookup so I helped him fight the second fish and it turned out to be a bigger 5-6lb Mt. Lassen fish. The bigger fish are still around but few and far between. Still waiting for them to stock again!

February 15, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

The East Swimming Beach was pumping out a bunch of fish this morning but most of them were the smaller DFG trout with a few Mt. Lassen mixed in. Our group caught the majority of the fish simply because we were using much more finesse presentations.

The middle of the beach as well as the right side seemed to be producing more fish, and as always the trout were right up against shore first thing in the morning. It got pretty hot in the afternoon and there was a noticeable depth change among the fish we were catching. Always nice to have a bit of wind chop up the surface, the bite picked up a little once the light wind came around.

Most of our fish were landed on Chartreuse and Green Pumpkin Powerbait but we managed to jig up a bunch with trout worms and tubes first thing in the morning. As always, orange, chartreuse and yellow soft plastics were all working.