Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbaits

Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbaits

Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbait

The Keitech Fat Swing Impact has proven to be a staple among both fresh and saltwater anglers. Prior to this review we’ve already used the Fat Swing Impact for a few years and continue to restock trip after trip. The quality, and infused scent has been incredibly effective in all situations, but it’s the swimming action that really shines. Let’s break it down.

Keitech Fat Swing Impact
Type Soft Body Swimbait
Length 2.8″, 3.3″, 3.8″, 4.3″, 4.8″, 5.8″
Scent Squid scent

Field Testing

As mentioned before, the swimming action of these swimbaits is hard to beat. Due to the super soft-bodied design, the entire bait throbs side-to-side instead of just the tail. This helps give you more vibration whether you’re swimbait fishing and using it alone or as a swim jig trailer, chatterbait trailer, etc.

The Fat Swing Impact is known to rip easily. Since the body is so soft, the bait will only last you a few fish (usually just one). If you’re looking for a more durable bait, try the Keitech Easy Shiners. They don’t kick quite as much but they do have a denser body.

We most often fish the Fat Swing Impact by itself on a Revenge Swimbait Head or Owner Flashy Swimmer hook.

When fishing Alabama Rigs, we exclusively use the Fat Swing Impact swimbaits simply because the size options are perfect. The 2.8″ are perfect for the no-hook “dummies” and the 3.8″ provides a beefier profile for the bottom three hooks. If you’re looking to bulk up your Alabama Rig try the 3.3″ as dummies and 4.8″ as the three main baits.


Here’s a quick tip to help your swimbaits stay on the jig heads. Works for any soft plastic trailer, not just swimbaits.

  1. Thread the bait on the hook as usual but don’t push past the bait keeper quite yet.
  2. Turn the bait to either the left or right side so that it’s horizontal.
  3. Keeping this angle, push past the keeper then twist the bait back so it’s upright again.

This technique changes the entry hole you create, locking the bait in place and essentially landing you one or two more fish before the usual tear.

Overall, the effectiveness of the Fat Swing Impact negates the fact that it is pricey and tends to rip easily. The sheer amount of fish that you’ll experience with this swimbait will keep you constantly stuffing your tackle box after every trip. If you haven’t tried a Keitech Fat Swing Impact, we highly recommend you give it a shot! The action won’t disappoint.