Golf Course Bass Fishing

Golf Course Bass Fishing

Golf Course Bass Fishing - Frogs & Flipping
Golf Course Topwater Frog Fishing!

With nothing else to do and a few hours of daylight left, it was time to hit the local golf course pond for some bass fishing! I don’t go to golf courses often because it’s not much of a challenge, but it was hard to turn away from endless topwater blowups. So my mind was made – off to the golf course to whack some frog-eating bass!

After calling up my buddy Jason and his brother Trevor, I sped over to their place where they were rigging up two rods – a frog rod (obviously) and a flipping/punching rod for when the fish stopped hitting topwater. Here’s a list of the gear we used, in case you’re curious.

Golf Course Fishing Setup


  • Dobyns Champion 734 Jig/Senko/Topwater Rod
  • Dobyns Champion 766 Flip/Punch Rod


  • Shimano Chronarch 201E7
  • Shimano Curado i 201HG

For any frog fishing, braid is crucial, and we absolutely love the quality of PowerPro SuperSlick and Daiwa J-Braid (we’re not sponsored or anything, don’t worry). Our frogging reels were spooled up with 50-65lb PowerPro, and our flipping/punching setups were lined up with 20lb Seaguar InvisX Fluorocarbon. With prior knowledge that the bass in this pond were in the smaller 1-2lb range, we decided to buy smaller-sized frogs to increase our chances of landing fish. After hitting up our local retailer at Coyote Bait & Tackle, we walked out with a few items.


  • Brown Black Koppers Live Target Frog (Model #FGH45T)
  • Coot River2Sea Baby Bully Wa
  • Green Pumpkin Strike King Baby Rage Craw

Terminal Tackle

  • 1/4oz. Picasso Tungsten Weights
  • 3/0 Gamakatsu Offset EWG Worm Hooks
  • Eagle Claw Bobber Stops 8-12lb

Trip Overview

We arrived around 5:30pm with the sun still blasting on us so I hunkered down under the shade of the nearest tree. The pond level always fluctuates because they move water back and forth between ponds on the golf course, and this time it was about two feet lower than I had seen it the day before. This was perfect for us! All the grass was exposed, creating ideal mats for us to work our tiny frogs on. Within the first few casts we had a ferocious blowup, and I looked to the right and my buddy Jason had landed a bass while flipping a Texas-rigged Powerbait Chigger Craw. Our first spot didn’t yield that many results, so we walked back to a cove that we knew was always stacked. It was the perfect combination of structure – shallow, matted water in the back leading to deeper grass edges and tullie patches along the bank.

Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw

This area provided the most satisfying hookset of the day. I spotted a decent fish on its bed that was about two pounds (for this pond, it’s a good one) so I threw a frog right over its head. It came up and stared hard at the bait, almost touching my frog with its nose but never fully committing. My coworker Jason was walking over to me and I put a hand up telling him to not spook the fish, but another idea came to mind as I was doing this. I told Jason to hand me his flipping stick, and I pitched a few feet away from the bed into deeper water. His braided line started to take off in front of me so I knew for a fact that the fish had eaten it good. Without further ado, I smashed the bass’ face in with a gnarly hookset (poor fish, braid is merciless), and it came straight up and swam off to the side, flashing its shiny green belly. The fish wasn’t the chunkiest but it’s always nice to lay wood during a hookset. Moral of the story: I was a happy man.

Golf Course Bass Fishing Tips

I understand that fishing golf courses is fairly simple, but there are quite a few techniques you can utilize to make your trip go by smoothly.

Often times fishing golf courses is not allowed, but since many of us are so hungry for some bass action we bend the rules a bit to have some fun. This is awesome, however, please be careful! Some golf courses such as mine are very passive and friendly about kicking us out (if they even spot us), but not all golf courses are so nice! Always make sure to be aware of where you fish as you may be fined or, in worse case scenario, arrested. With that negative part over with, let’s talk tips!

  • When fishing lily pads or mats, pause your frog at each gap. Chances are the fish will hit it on the stop. This also applies to any other bass fishing elsewhere.
  • If there is thick vegetation, bring a Texas rig or any other weedless soft bait presentation and flip next to weed/grass edges.
  • If accessible, night fishing provides an incredible topwater/swimbait bite that can be more productive than your local lake.
  • Golf course bass fishing is the perfect way to gain confidence in baits. Bring lures that you’ve never used before and test them out at your local establishment. After catching a few fish on it you’ll gain confidence in the bait’s abilities and ultimately fish it better elsewhere.
  • Pack lightly! One to two rods will suffice, and chances are the fish will probably bite one bait pretty good the entire time. Packing light also enables you to move around easier, not to mention get out of a golfer’s way to avoid taking a golf ball to the dome.
  • If your situation is similar to mine where it’s possible to get kicked out but they’re lenient, wear darker colors to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb to employees.
  • Do not step on sand bunkers or draw silly illustrations in them! This may seem convenient or hilarious but enough disruption and the establishment will crack down on trespassers. I try not to even step on the green simply out of respect.
  • Bring bug spray/repellant! Lots of it. Many times have I gone home and started scratching a million different bug bites. It’s okay though, no regrets, it was worth it!

It’s time to grab a few rods and head out there for yourself! I hope you stay safe, legal, and most importantly, whack ‘em dead! Tag @scalzteam on Instagram so we can feature you on our affiliate Team Members page!



  1. Haha golf course bass fishing is fun but not when you’re escorted out. Awesome article though and definitely great for someone looking to practice and have fun.

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