Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel

Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel

a close look at the daiwa ballistic lt spinning reel

A Bit Of “Friendly” Competition

As an avid Shimano fan, I’ve firmly believed that no reel would compare to the lightness and strength that the Stradic Ci4+ series has established in the market. Daiwa however, believed otherwise. Introducing the long-awaited 2017 Daiwa Ballistic LT spinning reel.

Light As A Feather

The new Daiwa Ballistic LT spinning reel is an absolute game changer for the company. When pitting the Stradic Ci4+ and Ballistic LT 2500 sizes against each other, the Ballistic LT weighs almost half an ounce lighter.

This is thanks to huge upgrades in technology from Daiwa as well as the super light “Air Rotor” and “Air Bail” that we love from previous series.

But Is It Durable?

daiwa ballistic lt magsealedThe acronym “LT” actually stands for “Light & Tough,” very reassuring for a reel of its weight class. This immense strength is thanks to Daiwa’s patented “ZAION” technology, a high-density carbon strain material that resists maximum impact and is 20% stronger than Nylon or ABS. ZAION is almost 50% lighter than aluminum, giving the Ballistic LT that incredible lightness we experienced.

A machined A7075 aircraft-grade aluminum main gear is extremely rigid, helping increase smoothness and long-term durability. More strength equals less flexing throughout the body which translates to smoothness. Putting all the fancy words aside, this reel is definitely as tough as it is light.

Daiwa’s “Magsealed” technology from previous models has also been included. This magnetic oil coats the bearings and prevents water and debris from entering the main shaft, making it ideal for saltwater situations as well.

More Sizes, More Applications

The previous generation of Ballistic spinning reels were limited to the 4000 size. While this size is great for many applications, it hindered big-game enthusiasts from enjoying the reel. Those who fish heavier saltwater conditions were forced to buy more expensive options such as the Saltist/Saltiga or go lower-end to the BG series which were definitely not as light or smooth.

Thanks to consumer consideration, the Ballistic LT series has added a 5000 and 6000 size, suitable for all you saltwater and heavy-duty freshwater anglers. Now everyone can enjoy the Ballistic LT!

daiwa ballistic lt spinning reel specificationsPersonal Opinions

I believe this reel is a huge step up from the Ballistic EX series. The reason I chose the Stradic Ci4+ in the past was simply because of weight even though the Ballistic was much smoother.

The tolerance of the new Ballistic LT feels much better as well. The EX series didn’t feel quite as tight when reeling, and you get a more solid overall feel with the LT.

I’ve always been a fan of the thicker bail that Daiwa has added for most of their spinning reels now. It’s more comfortable to the touch and definitely stronger – the hollow design resists any unnecessary flexing when flipping the bail over.

I have to say I’m rather impressed with the Ballistic LT. When the sales rep was beaming about it I never expected it to be as light as it is. I’ll definitely be using the 2500 size for all my bass fishing applications and test out the 4000-6000 on stripers, rockfish, big stinky bat rays and anything else that will put it to the test in the salt.