Coyote Lake Fishing Report

Coyote Lake Fishing Report

Coyote Lake, CA

Coyote Lake Fishing Report

Hi everyone! We’re trying our best to keep these reports updated as often as possible. Please help us out by emailing your photos & personal reports to You can also DM us on Instagram @scalzfishing if it’s more convenient. Thanks!

We hope this helps you plan your next trip out to Coyote Lake. The Scalz Team wishes you good luck, tight lines and full limits.

November 3, 2017

Source: Andrew Yeh

Coyote Lake is now closed for boating. Lake levels are extremely low due to anticipating future earthquakes (that’s what the County says, at least). Bass are biting on Carolina Rigs and football jigs throughout the day. Green pumpkin, watermelon red flake and brown/purple colors producing as usual.

A few crappie enthusiasts are still getting fish near the dam, fishing with medium-sized minnows under a bobber. Suspending two mini jigs under a bobber are working as well – black/chartreuse and red/white always produce.

coyote lake in gilroy california water level extremely low as of november 2017
Photo courtesy of Cody Hughes

September 12, 2017

Source: Andrew Yeh, Ray Kim, Seongbin

Seongbin came all the way from Korea to visit his friends and sticks an enormous 8lber! They all fished Carolina Rigs, Texas Rigs & drop shot all morning with awesome results. Way to go man!

April 22, 2017

Source: Andrew Yeh

Bass bite still fairly slow, haven’t been hearing any crazy reports from the locals lately. The crappie bite is starting to pick up, however, and bank anglers are snatching up a couple here and there on medium-sized minnows and any mini jig with chartreuse color. Boaters are beginning to mark crappie all over the lake in about 10-20ft of water. Won’t be long until these slabs move closer to the bank.

April 15, 2017

Source: Andrew Yeh

Coyote Lake is finally open for boating! Unfortunately the bass bite was slow for most anglers. Everyone was pumped for an epic flipping bite in the back of the creek since all the trees are fully submerged now. Bite turned out to be extremely slow and anglers who were catching fish were fishing slow as well. Dragging purple soft plastics and dark colored jigs seemed to be the ticket.

May 21, 2016

Source: Matt Cicisly

Went out to Coyote super early (around 5am) and threw a 6″ Lunker Punker for a few hours. Had an enormous blowup but missed the fish! Sadly it blew up a little behind the bait. I’ll definitely be going back soon with my buddy Riley to test the topwater bite again.

April 12, 2016

Source: Mike Bassin

mike big bass coyote lakeHit the bank from the South end in the shallows and worked my way across the lake throughout the day. The weather was overcast all day and the wind picked up quite a bit later on. Water level is still fairly low and water clarity was only about 6 inches due to the rain a few days ago. Since there was a bit of wind I switched over from a jig to a Fire Tiger spinnerbait and managed to slam a 4lber right off the bat! Overall a slow day but we were happy to land some decent fish.

April 10, 2016

Source: Matt Cicisily & Riley Heiser

matt and riley bass at coyoteThe water at Coyote was slightly stained with about 2-3ft of water visibility. The South end of the lake produced 75% of our fish for the day and we were tearing a spinnerbait through the grass there and it got choked! It was raining most of the day with some pauses of wind and rain. We were throwing a spinnerbait for most of the day because we had experienced such great numbers of smaller bass earlier in the morning with a 6lb brute being the biggest of the day! Other than a blade we threw a drop shot, lipless cranks, chatterbaits and a Texas Rig and did well with a mix of smaller fish and more decent 2-3lbers as well. Overall it was an awesome day out on the water. Rain or shine, we’re out there!

February 24, 2016

Source: Mike Bassin

Got to the lake around 4pm. Fishing was slow for the first few minutes dragging a Texas Rig around. Saw bass chasing bait on the surface so I immediately swapped to a chartreuse River2Sea Bling spinnerbait and layed into a hefty 4lber! A couple smaller fish were caught after that and all were in the shallows.

February 1, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

Coyote Lake open to boating. Extensive rainfall over the past few weeks has raised the water level a bit but the water clarity is extremely low. The bass bite is pretty decent in the back creek areas and anglers are pitching jigs and Texas rigs to target fish hiding in timber. Fish with darker colors to provide better contrast against the muddy water. Any black/blue or brown/purple combination is effective. Anglers in other areas of the lake are experiencing success with more finesse methods such as drop-shotting and dragging jigs over shallow rock structure.

Not much has been reported regarding the crappie bite or any other species for that matter. Bass fishing appears to be dominant at the moment. Still patiently waiting for that spring bite to come around!