Berkley Gulp! Alive! Sandworm

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Sandworm

berkely gulp! alive! sandworm

The Berkely Gulp! Alive! Sandworm is extremely versatile for multiple species. Most popular among surf perch anglers, the Sandworm provides a cheaper, more durable option to live bloodworms or pile worms.

Product Specifications
Type Soft Baits (Artificial)
Length 2.5″ to 6″
Scented Yes (Gulp! Alive! Attractant)
Material Soft Plastic
Colors Camo, Bloody, Natural


The Sandworm is available in multiple colors, sizes and package options. The 2.5″ is a perfect size for surf perch and the 6″ is great for both perch and striper. Don’t underestimate the 2.5″ however, as we’ve seen huge striper eat it up!

Field Testing

Our personal experience with the Sandworm has been nothing but successful. This bait is fairly durable and will last a few fish before tearing. After a number of casts, the bait may begin to slide down the hook but we fix this by flipping it over and pushing the hook through the opposite side. This usually helps you get a few more casts in before switching altogether.

Most anglers fish the Sandworm on a Carolina Rig, Drop Shot or Dropper Loop Rig (Carolina Rig being the most popular). A #6 or #8 baitholder hook fits the 2.5″ worm perfect. If you’re fishing the 6″ Sandworm, you can either use a larger baitholder hook or run a stinger hook near the tail to avoid short strikes.

Side Notes

We’ve noticed that the packages tend to leak easily especially if sand gets in the zipper, and the liquid scent definitely reeks if spilled in your bag. To avoid this, you can either use a different container such as a mason jar or Plano Liqua Bait Locker Bottle to prevent nasty leakage. Otherwise you can simply store the Sandworm package upright in your bag or box for similar results.

When choosing packages of the Sandworms we like to be super picky. We look for bags containing worms that are all straight, as the warped worms will spin in the water and cause line twist. Take a few extra moments to check out every bag and it will pay off later.

The Sandworms tend to dry up quickly, so after every trip we add a splash of the original Gulp! Alive! Attractant to the bag or jar. A little goes a long way – I’ve had my attractant jar for over two years and it’s still halfway full.