Anderson Lake Report: 2016 Opening Weekend

Anderson Lake Report: 2016 Opening Weekend

Anderson Lake Bridge

Anderson Lake Report: April 15-17, 2016

Opening weekend for Anderson Lake was great, but definitely not the insane bite that we had experienced during last year’s opener. There were a ton of boats out since it opened on a Friday and the wind was nasty! The main lake was white-capping and we experienced 2-3ft waves that gave the smaller boats a tough time. Along with the high winds came muddy water with some areas having less than a few inches of visibility.

We figured the bass would be located in shallower waters since a good amount are still in the spawning phase or slowly transitioning to post-spawn mode. We sped all the way up to the North end and started fishing white/chartreuse spinnerbaits in waters as shallow as 2 feet and ended up catching a few in the 1.5-2lb range, then worked our way South, throwing reaction baits along any coves or points that we came across and caught a Riley with an Anderson Bassfew decent fish in each location.

After working the North end we decided to escape the wind and sped all the way South and instantly had luck with our spinnerbaits while working our way towards the bridge. Since the wind was blowing South, we’d start at the bridge and let the wind take us all the way back and repeated the process on both sides of the bank multiple times. Plenty of spinnerbait and jig fish were caught on both sides of the bank, but the wind made it difficult to feel our jigs.

After talking with a few other anglers we learned that they caught their fish on bright-colored squarebill crankbaits, smaller football head jigs and Senkos while working the shallows. Some anglers had better quality bass ranging from the 3-4lb range throughout the day. Overall, opening weekend was successful. We’re just happy to be able to launch out of Anderson again!

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