Anderson Lake Pumping In Water, Largemouth Are Lovin’ It.

Anderson Lake Pumping In Water, Largemouth Are Lovin’ It.

anderson lake largemouth bass fishing

Anderson lake is now closed to boating and filling up fast! With the spillway moving a ton of water, the fishing has been absolutely incredible for shore anglers. I’ve seen a bunch of people at Coyote Bait & Tackle gear up for Anderson during the past few weeks and their reports are nothing shy of awesome. Seems like the moving water is drawing all sorts of prey and predators. Time to get out there!

If you plan on fishing near the spillway, go early. You’ll find that many others crowd around the area so it’s every man for himself out there. People are throwing pretty much everything at the bass, from a drop shot to Carolina Rig to live minnows. Anything that drifts around in the current tends to get bit. Try drop-shotting any Green Pumpkin or Watermelon soft plastics, and if you’re fishing live minnows you can either suspend them under a bobber or slow sink them with split shot weights.

There are still a few crappie out there as well, you just have to try a couple spots to locate a school. I’d suggest targeting the largemouth right now since the bite is so great. Good luck out there and make sure to tag us @scalzfishing on Instagram if you catch some big mommas!