Anderson Lake Fishing Report

Anderson Lake Fishing Report

Anderson Lake CA

November 3, 2017

Source: Andrew Yeh

Anderson is now closed for boating. The bite has definitely slowed down a bit, but anglers are still getting some decent ones on the back side towards the bridge. Dragging soft plastics throughout the day always produces fish and a few are being caught on reaction baits early in the morning.

April 22, 2017

Source: Andrew Yeh

The bass bite has definitely picked up at Anderson Lake. Bank anglers are smashing fish on drop shot at the back side over by Woodchoppers Picnic Area. The larger crappie can be found at Anderson as well. Crappie hunters are fishing both the dam side and over by Woodchoppers using medium to large minnows suspended under a bobber. Bright-colored mini jigs work great since the water is still fairly muddy.

August 18, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh, Andrew & Matt Ciciscly

Unfortunately there’s confirmation that the lake will be closing to boating on August 27, 2016. The fishing has been fairly decent but definitely slowed down compared to a few months back. Water level pretty low now so bank angling is much more accessible. Bunch of small bass in the 1-2lb range near the dam and scarce reports of a few crappie found underneath the bridge.

May 9, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh, BJ Kendrick, Mario Saucedo

Had a fun little turkey shoot from opening until noon today. The weather was awesome – cloudy skies and light wind all across the lake with a few calm spots in the backs of coves. The water was pretty warm and the fish were hitting mostly reaction baits. Managed to stick a 4lb 8oz. chunk on a medium-diving crankbait as well as a ton of other little ones. They were also hitting small paddle tail swimbaits and of course the typical football jig and drop shot. Overall a really fun morning. Nothing real big but it was a blast!

April 15, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh, Matt Cicisly, Riley Heiser

Anderson open to boating. It was extremely windy out there with 2-3ft rollers tearing across the main lake making it extremely difficult to maintain boat position. We tucked away in all the coves along the North end and then made our way South until we were past the East Dunne bridge. The water temperature is definitely warming up but clarity wasn’t great. Since it was choppy out there we threw white/chartreuse spinnerbaits, bright-colored squarebill crankbaits and dark football head jigs and experienced luck throughout the day. Nothing big but it was fun swinging into a bunch of fish again!

March 27, 2016

Source: Frankie Tomasello

Fished the dam side with my buddies Andrew Yeh & Ben Hughes. There were a bunch of people out there, seemed like everyone and their mom & dad knew about the bite. Andrew caught one within a few minutes on a tube and then I doubled up with ben on both a spinnerbait and chatterbait.

The water is still a bit murky but clear enough where you can get away with the more natural green pumpkin and brown patterns. Fish are all caught relatively shallow all across the lake. Can’t wait until this place opens it’ll be insane!

March 4, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

Fished the dam side with a coworker and other friend. They’re still doing work on the dam so the water is a bit murkier than usual. Threw the squarebill and spinnerbait for a bit with no luck so we switched over to a drop shot with Green Pumpkin worm and landed a few nice ones. Saw a crappie on its last leg right next to shore! The bass bite definitely picked up as the sun started going down. Heard a bunch of people were doing great over at Woodchoppers side so I’ll check it out as soon as I can.

February 17, 2016

Source: BJ Kendrick

The dam side is going through underwater construction and they have a rig drilling out in the middle of the lake. The rig was making a banging noise every few seconds and stirring up a ton of silt and other debris, making fishing conditions horrible. I don’t recommend fishing here until this commotion stops.

The Woodchoppers side of the lake is doing pretty well, however, and I managed to pull a quick limit out with a drop shot and jig. Water clarity is clear yet dark in color at the same time making for great fishing conditions. Water is still on the colder side and the fish don’t seem to be too active although they’re biting well. Saw a few larger cruisers (3-4lb range) moving around in the shallows.

February 1, 2016

Source: Andrew Yeh

Anderson Lake closed to boating. Most bass anglers are finding a good amount of success right off of the launch ramp and dam areas. The majority of them are throwing finesse techniques including drop shot, shakey-head and finesse football jigs. The water level is still low but this allows bank anglers to walk around much easier, and water clarity is very high so any natural colors would work best. Green pumpkin/orange and other green pumpkin color combinations seem to be the ticket at the moment, however few anglers are doing well with darker black/blue or brown/purple as well. The same methods also work great if you decide to drive over to the Woodchoppers Picnic Area but the walk is a bit more intensive due to receding water levels. We haven’t heard anything regarding other species such as crappie, carp and bluegill but things are sure to pick up as the weather gets warmer.