5 Trout Fishing Tips Nobody Tells You

5 Trout Fishing Tips Nobody Tells You

floating fish basket for trout

Shhh! It’s A Secret!

Fishing for stocked rainbow trout appears simple but can be rather complex (in a good way) once you dive into small details. Once you have the basic trout fishing foundation, it’s time to make some minor tweaks to up your game.

Here are five trout fishing tips you probably won’t hear often, if at all.

Bigger Is NOT Better!

Ever see an enormous glob of Powerbait on someone’s hook? Probably expecting a huge trout right? Wrong. You’ll most likely notice an increase in bites once you size everything down. This isn’t just for Powerbait, the same goes for all your trout lures, line size, rod action, etc. Think lighter and smaller – the only thing that will increase is your fish count!

shimano stradic 1000faMake The Switch

If one color or technique isn’t working well, try another. Often times a simple color change will make or break our trips, and we’re constantly switching techniques as well. Don’t get too stuck on one thing, try everything in your tackle box until it works.

a large assortment of trout wormsDon’t Risk It

Since most trout fishing requires light line, you have to take care of it differently. Light line is not tolerant of nicks and frays, so any damages must be fixed immediately. Run your finger along the first few feet of line after every fish that you catch, and re-tie often even if there are no apparent damages. Better safe than sorry.

Nothin’ But Net

I’ve seen a bunch of people lose fish at the bank because of a dinky little net. On average, stocked trout aren’t huge but a large net with a long handle will help you land fish in the toughest situations. Make sure to keep the net out of the water until the fish is coming in – if they see the net they might make another run.

I use a 20” Promar Net because it’s extremely light for the size and sturdy. I usually thrust the net under the fish pretty quickly so a flimsy net would bend or twist. I’ve had nothing but awesome landing success with this one.

Keep Them Lively

I highly advocate a floating fish basket over a standard clip stringer. You won’t have to pierce the fish and they’re able to stay upright with space to swim. This helps them stay alive for the duration of your trip, keeping them as fresh as possible until cleaning time. I buy the biggest one I possibly can because you never know when the big fish will come along, plus it’s helpful to have extra room for the small trout.

floating fish basketWe’d Love To Hear From You!

I hope these tips will make your next trout fishing trip more efficient. If you have any awesome ideas please let us know in the comments below, it’s great when everyone can learn from each other. Thanks for reading and tight lines!