5 Bass Fishing Hooks Every Angler Should Have

5 Bass Fishing Hooks Every Angler Should Have

Terminal tackle box with fishing hooks

Your terminal tackle box is either in need of filling or looks like a cluttered mess. Fear not! We’re here to help you clean up and organize things so that you have exactly what you need, starting with the most basic one of all – hooks. With so many styles and sizes on the market today it can be rather difficult to narrow down your selection, but there are a few bass fishing hooks that can cover a variety of techniques for various situations. Once you get your gear dialed in, you not only save a ton of time but some money as well! Everyone likes to save money, right? So let’s get started.

(These are genuine recommendations. No company has sponsored this article. Enjoy!)

How Do You Fish?

Keep in mind that some of these techniques may not fully apply to you! Every bass fisherman has his or her own way of fishing, meaning that a few of these hooks may not be completely suitable for your personal situations. However, I highly recommend each and every one of these as they can cover a bunch of situations regardless of how often you use the technique.

Always customize and change methods for your personal style of fishing. Use this guide as a base to get an idea of where you’re headed and then come up with your own five or more “go-to” hooks if necessary. That’s the beauty of fishing! You can always change things up and the hobby never ever gets boring. Time to get to the point. Here are my top five favorite bass fishing hooks:

Gamakatsu Offset Shank EWG Superline Hooks

Gamakatsu Offset EWG Superline HookThese are phenomenal hooks for a variety of soft plastics. I absolutely love the 3/0 size when I’m fishing a Texas or Carolina Rig. The 3/0 size is perfect for soft plastic worms anywhere from 5” to even 10” in certain cases. This hook will be a perfect match for your crawdad soft plastics, beaver-style plastics and your traditional straight tail or curly tail worms. These hooks are extremely sharp and stay that way for an impressive amount of time. I find that a single pack of hooks will last me months of fishing (as long as I don’t lose them of course).

The “Superline” feature is my favorite part. Gamakatsu offers a standard Offset Shank EWG style but the Superline feature offers a much beefier hook that’s meant to keep its shape when using much stiffer braid or fluorocarbon. This means it’s perfect for heavy cover such as rock and timber but it’s perfect for flipping grass as well. Another great feature is that it comes in two different quantities when purchasing: a “Loose Pack” of 5 hooks or my personal favorite – a “Bulk Pack” of 25 hooks that seem to last me an eternity. Then of course there’s the 100 pack but I personally don’t need that many.

How I Fish the Gamakatsu EWG Superline Hooks

  • Rod: Powell Max 3D 734 Heavy
  • Reel: Shimano Curado I 201HG
  • Line: 17-20lb Seaguar InvisX Fluorocarbon
  • Soft Plastics: NetBait Regular Paca Craw, Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Bullworm 10”
  • Scent: Megastrike Fish Attractant in Crawfish

Owner Mosquito Hooks

Owner Mosquito HookThese little hooks are your perfect drop shot companion. I fish with a Size 2 which fits any drop shot worm around 3-7 inches. I like these hooks because they are razor sharp to the point where I can simply reel into the fish instead of sweeping for the exact same effect.

My personal favorite part is that these nifty little hooks come in a “Pro Pack” of 51 hooks! A single pack of these can last me half a year to a year depending on how many I lose, but for a little over $10 it’s more than worth the money.

These hooks are great for a variety of other species as well. With the range of sizes the Owner Mosquito hook offers you can use it for anything from bait fishing to trout fishing, so on so forth. Play around with these and see how useful they can be for you.

How I Fish the Owner Mosquito Hooks

  • Rod: Powell Max 701 Light (Spinning)
  • Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500
  • Line: 20lb Daiwa J-Braid w/ Leader of 8-10lb Seaguar InvisX Fluorocarbon
  • Soft Plastics: Roboworm 4.5” Straight Tail, Strike King Dream Shot 4”, Jackall Flick Shake

Picasso Shakedown

Picasso Shakedown Shakey HeadEvery bass fisherman should have at least a few quality shakey-head hooks in his or her tackle box. I’ve played around with a few brands but the Picasso Shakedown has become one of the brands that I rely on for both quality and straight fish-catching ability. Keep in mind that the Shakedown doesn’t quite stand up as well as a few other brands such as the Buckeye Lures Spot Remover but this has never been a big issue for me since I drag my shakey-head more than I hop it around. Personally I just appreciate the quality of the hook as they provide a sharp cross-eye Gamakatsu that has pegged enough fish in the past for me to be a believer. The spring bait keeper also works great and holds my soft plastics for a long time without ripping them up too badly. Oh and if you’re a big fan of tungsten then you’re also in luck! Picasso offers a tungsten version of the Shakedown resulting in a smaller head but equal weight for a ton more sensitivity and finesse look. They are a bit pricier of course, but well worth the moolah.

How I Fish the Picasso Shakedown

  • Rod: Powell Max 701 Light (Spinning)
  • Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500
  • Line: 20lb Daiwa J-Braid w/ Leader of 8-10lb Seaguar InvisX Fluorocarbon
  • Soft Plastics: Zoom Shakey Head Worm, Roboworm Straight Tail 4.5-6”

Megabass Okashira Jig Head

If you’re looking for a slump buster or irresistible little rig to toss around your local ponds then you have to have a few small swimbait jig heads in your box. The Okashira Jig Head stood out to me because of the attention to detail that Megabass absolutely nailed. For the local lakes and ponds around my area I find that the Weed Camo and Real Minnow colors work best, but it could be completely different for you!

Pair this little jig head up with a small paddle tail swimbait and you’ve got yourself a delicious little rig to drag along steep banks, bluff walls and all sorts of rocky shoreline. Toss it out there, let it hit bottom and slowly drag it along for some crazy results.

How I Fish the Megabass Okashira Jig Head

  • Rod: Powell Max 3D 734 Heavy
  • Reel: Shimano Chronarch Ci4+ 201HG
  • Line: 15lb Seaguar InvisX Fluorocarbon
  • Soft Plastics: Keitech Swing Impact FAT 3.8”

Owner Ultrahead Football Jig Head

Owner Football HeadThis is my favorite companion when pairing up with a Yamamoto Hula Grub or any similar craw trailers. I actually came across this one at my local tackle shop Coyote Bait & Tackle while looking for some other football heads. Turns out they ran out of the ones I was originally looking for so I thought I’d give these a try and have absolutely loved them since.

Don’t let the smaller hook fool you – that thing is a beast! I’ve made the mistake of not setting hook hard enough a few times (amateur mistake) but these ultra sharp hooks pierced right through with no problem. My favorite weights are the ⅜ and ½ ounce which is pretty standard when fishing any type of football head jig or jig in general.

Owner Football Head PaintedA little trick I learned to boost my own confidence and increase the overall look of the jig head is to powder coat it. Since I usually fish Green Pumpkin, I use CS Coatings Pro-Tec Powder Paint in the Watermelon Flake color and it makes the jig look so much better. Simply heat the entire jig head with a lighter for a decent amount of time, making sure to heat extra long around the eye so that the powder paint doesn’t clog it up when dipping. Then quickly dip the jig head in the powder and immediately tap it on the side of the jar to shake off any excess powder for a clean, shiny finish. Much better!

  • Rod: Powell Max 3D 734 Heavy
  • Reel: Shimano Curado I 201HG
  • Line: 15-20lb Seaguar InvisX Fluorocarbon
  • Soft Plastics: Yamamoto Hula Grub 5”, Strike King Rage Craw

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below. Tight Lines!



  1. hey i gotta say i love trokar straight shank flippin hooks, i usually toss around either the 4/0 or 5/0. i think it depends what baits, i love using the super line EWG for tossin stick baits into or around heavy cover!

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