5 Best Square Bill Crankbaits For Bass Fishing

5 Best Square Bill Crankbaits For Bass Fishing

5 Best Square Bill Crankbaits
My personal squarebill collection.

Square bill fishing is one of the most versatile forms of crankbait fishing. These powerful lures are not afraid of timber, grass, or rock, and can be the best method of working shallow water cover in a quick and effective way.

Don’t be shy with square bills! They are meant to dig into the bottom whether it be infested with grass, rock, or any other debris that other lures would have a tough time getting through. The name “square bill” comes from the square-shaped plastic bill located on the front that easily deflects what would otherwise snag the hooks. This deflecting action not only keeps you snag-free, but also invokes a reaction strike from the bass as they are caught off-guard by the unpredictable darting movement of your lure. If bounced off of cover properly, even lethargic bass can be coaxed into biting.

With all that being said, I have compiled a list of the 5 best square bill crankbaits that you should try. Each one of these baits have been tried and true, without sponsorship or other contracts that would make my opinions biased. Simply put, these square bills flat out work, and each bait has a unique features that shine in their own way.

Megabass S-Crank 1.5

Megabass S-Crank 1.5

The Megabass S-Crank 1.5 is an absolute beauty. This is one of the few square bill cranks out there that I have confidence fishing straight out of the box – no swapping out hooks, split rings, etc. The paint jobs on the S-Crank are incredible, the bill on the front is very durable, and the stock hooks are razor sharp and ready to go.

This square bill features a very high buoyancy, which means when you pause the bait it rises faster, allowing you to gain more control over your retrieve as well as float over potential snags. The one feature that sets the S-Crank 1.5 apart from its peers is the “wide hunting action,” meaning when you retrieve this bait it does not come back to you in a straight line. This square bill will dive and then dart off to one side randomly, constantly changing direction as you retrieve. This gives it a very unique action and will not allow the bass to track it for long, invoking an aggressive reaction strike.


  1. Retail Price: $19.99
  2. Length: 2.5”
  3. Weight: 1/2oz.
  4. Diving Depth: 5ft

Favorite S-Crank 1.5 Colors

  1. Fire Craw – The matte finish looks amazing.
  2. Secret Gill – Perfect bluegill imitation, unique pattern.
  3. Black Back Chartreuse – Your standard murky-water color.

6th Sense Crush 50X

6th Sense Crush 50X

I have recently fell in love with all of the crankbaits that 6th Sense Lure Co. provides. The 6th Sense Crush 50X has quickly become one of my favorite square bills, and is a perfect option if you want a smaller-profile crankbait.

The Crush 50X is another bait that you can fish straight out of the box. The paint job is very detailed, there is no need to change out the sharp VMC treble hooks, and the rattles are very light, making for a perfect finesse cranking presentation.

I have had much success with these at all my local reservoirs. The price of the Crush 50X is much lower than expected in my opinion, and with all the 3-D details I expected to pay much more. This is why 6th Sense is doing it right – great products at a reasonable price so everyone can enjoy quality cranks.


  1. Retail Price: $8.99
  2. Length: 2.25”
  3. Weight: 3/8oz.
  4. Diving Depth: 2-5ft

Favorite Colors

  1. Lava Treuse
  2. Ghost Threadfin Shad
  3. Candy Citrus Shad
  4. Live Baby Bluegill

Lucky Craft Fat CB BDS 4

Lucky Craft Fat CB BDS 4
Your all-purpose square bill.

The Lucky Craft BDS 4 is a must-have addition to my crankbait box. I have many friends who have stuffed an entire tackle box with BDS 4’s and for good reason. These high-quality square bills almost always run true, and their action in the water is unbeatable. The “Fat CB” line features a much thicker-bodied square bill, which means more flash and water displacement to entice finicky bass. The BDS 4 has been around for quite some time and has established itself as a consistent fish-catcher.

I would recommend switching out the hooks on the BDS 4, although you can fish them straight out of the box. I usually replace all of my crankbaits with Owner ST-41 2X Black trebles, as it gives me more confidence to know that even if a fish brushes my bait they will get pinned. Once you’ve got fresh hooks on there, you can now fish one of the more effective square bills that I’ve ever used. There is also a “Silent” version, which eliminates internal rattles making it a much more finesse presentation.


  1. Retail Price: $11.99-14.99
  2. Length: 3”
  3. Weight: 3/4oz.
  4. Diving Depth: 3-4ft

Favorite Colors

  1. Spring Craw
  2. Delta Craw
  3. Ghost Minnow
  4. Chartreuse Shad

Storm Arashi

Storm Arashi Rattling Square Bill

The Storm Arashi Rattling Square Bill has brought a fresh look to the square bill world. If you want to make a little more commotion, the high-pitched rattles in this bait will do the job. I use the Arashi when the water is stained or if the wind is chopping up the surface quite a bit and it works great.

The Arashi has some new features that I’ve grown to appreciate. The circuit-board lip is light yet durable, and I have no worries about it breaking when hitting cover. The feature that sold me was the self-tuning line tie, which eliminates the need for wasting time tuning with pliers and helps the bait to run true straight out of the box. I also enjoyed the rotated hook hangers, which angles the hooks 90 degrees to avoid snagging.

No need to swap out the hooks here – VMC black-nickel trebles are just fine, but if you do switch over to my recommended Owner ST-41 trebles they may be quite a bit sharper and more reliable. Overall the Arashi has been a breath of fresh air, and the new features are definitely worth a try.


  1. Retail Price: $8.99
  2. Length: 2 ⅜”
  3. Weight: 5/8oz.
  4. Diving Depth: 5ft

Favorite Colors

  1. Ghost Hitch
  2. Baby Bass
  3. Blue Back Herring

Strike King KVD HC 2.5

Strike King KVD 2.5

Can’t go wrong with one of the pioneers of square bill fishing! The KVD HC 2.5 is notorious for not only being extremely effective but cheap as well. You can easily load up with a few of these without breaking the bank, not to mention land a ton of fish too.

Nothing too special about this bait to be honest, it simply gets the job done. Dives anywhere from 3-6ft quickly and deflects off cover to your satisfaction. It may need a little bit of tuning in the beginning, but with a couple nudges of your pliers it’s ready to go.

I would definitely change out the hooks on any KVD crank. They just feel very cheap to me, and I have much more confidence in the hookup ratio of the Owner ST-41’s. I guess that’s why they’re so cheap, but once the hooks are good there is nothing wrong with this crank.


  1. Retail Price: $5.49
  2. Length: 2.75”
  3. Weight: 5/8oz.
  4. Diving Depth: 3-6ft

Favorite Colors

  1. Chili Craw
  2. Chartreuse Shad
  3. Sexy Shad
  4. Powder Blue Back Chartreuse


  1. Is it already that time of year?! Great crankbait recommendations. I could of definitely used these when I was bass fishing last week.

  2. the BDS4 is awesome, but i love the BDS3 in that spring craw or light hitch colors. They kill it out here in my neck of the woods.

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