5 Best Medium Diving Crankbaits for Bass

5 Best Medium Diving Crankbaits for Bass

Medium Diving Crankbaits

When your square bill crankbait isn’t able to hit bottom anymore, it’s time to tie on a medium-diver. These little fish-catching machines can dive up to 10+ feet and allow you to reach deeper rock, timber, and other structure when a shallow-diver fails to do so.

The beauty of having so many different brands of crankbaits is that one may offer a special feature that another lacks. This variety also allows you to control the quality of materials, color, and specific diving depth for your personal situation.

Without further ado, these are the five best medium diving crankbaits that I have had the most positive experiences with. I hope they work for you as well as they have been for me!

Duo Realis Crank M65 11A

Duo Realis Crank M65 11AThe bite-sized profile, amazing quality, and razor-sharp stock hooks make the Crank M65 11A a perfect medium-diver. Don’t let the small profile turn you away! This crankbait features a tight wobble and excellent structure-deflecting abilities that help you work the strike zone anywhere up to 11ft of water. You can fish the M65 straight out of the box as it runs true and has no need for replacement treble hooks.


  • Retail Price: $13.99
  • Length: 2.5”
  • Weight: 1/2oz.
  • Diving Depth: 11ft

Favorite M65 Colors

  • M Shad
  • Ghost Minnow
  • Mirror Shad

6th Sense Crush 300DD

6th Sense Crush 300DDI still can’t get over how inexpensive these cranks are for the quality they offer. I’ve experienced that the Crush 300DD doesn’t pull too hard compared to its peers, making for an effortless retrieve as well as increased sensitivity for bottom structure. The hefty bill on these crankbaits deflect cover with no problem and a high buoyancy allows this bait to float out of snags. The Crush 300DD runs true straight from the package and does not need replacement trebles unless you are more confident with fresh hooks.


  • Retail Price: $8.99
  • Length: 3”
  • Weight: 1oz.
  • Diving Depth: 14-19ft

Favorite Crush 300DD Colors

  • Ghost Threadfin Shad
  • Blue-Treuse Shad
  • Citrus Craze

Storm Arashi Deep 10Storm Arashi Deep 10

The Arashi Deep 10 offers many innovative features with few that are exclusive to Storm. The circuit board lip is more durable than traditional plastic and each hook hanger is rotated 90 degrees, causing the hooks line up with the body and helping to avoid snags more efficiently. The best feature of this crank is the patented “self-tuning line tie,” which helps the bait track perfectly straight but it also causes the crank to immediately return to its path after deflecting structure. When other crankbaits deflect structure hard they tend to veer off to one side before returning, but the Arashi Deep 10 rebounds almost instantly, helping you to stay in the strike zone longer.


  • Retail Price: $8.99
  • Length: 2 ⅜”
  • Weight: 9/16oz.
  • Diving Depth: 10ft

Favorite Arashi Deep 10 Colors

  • Ghost Hitch
  • Wakasagi
  • Parrot

Spro RkCrawler 55Spro RkCrawler 55

This bad boy is even more compact than the Duo Realis M65 11A and definitely packs the same amount of punch. These RkCrawler 55’s come in an array of flawless crawfish colors and were born to crash into structure. The enticing wide wobble and amazing deflecting abilities of this little crankbait make it a perfect medium diver for various situations.


  • Retail Price: $9.99
  • Length: 2.17”
  • Weight: 1/2oz.
  • Diving Depth: 9-14ft

Favorite RkCrawler 55 Colors

  • Red Crawfish
  • Spring Craw
  • Phantom Brown

River2Sea Scott Martin Goon

River2Sea Scott Martin GoonScott Martin definitely didn’t steer you wrong with this crank. The hefty weight-transfer system on the Goon allows you to make the longest cast possible to help you reach the depth you need. This bait also features a single tungsten ball inside the chamber that emits a deep knocking sound that sets it apart from other crankbaits in its class. The patented concave lip allows the Goon to deflect off structure with no issues, and a pair of stock River2Sea short-shank round-bend treble hooks are satisfyingly sharp.


  • Retail Price: $11.99
  • Length: 2 ⅝”  
  • Weight: 15/16oz.
  • Diving Depth: 12-16ft

Favorite Goon Colors

  • BC Shad
  • TS Minnow
  • Big Sexy



  1. This was helpful since i’ve been trying to stray away from the soft plastics… aka my comfort zone 🙁 hahaha

    • It’s always tough moving onto something else, big props to you for making the effort! We still need to get you to love topwater fishing haha!

    • The circuit board bills are a newer innovation that allow you to reach maximum depth quicker due to a thinner plastic. The circuit board material is also more flexible than traditional plastic bill, giving the crankbait a different deflecting action as well as more durability.

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