5 Best Drop Shot Baits

5 Best Drop Shot Baits

5 Best Drop Shot Baits

Drop shot fishing is probably one of the most popular, most effective bass fishing techniques that has been around for quite awhile. When days get tough, anglers always pick up their trusty spinning rod and toss a drop shot to salvage the rest of the day. That being said, it’s very important to choose the right worm for your situation in order to fish more effectively.

Color, shape, and size all come into play when drop shot fishing. Personally I have no need for any worm over 6” but that is completely an individual preference. There are hundreds upon hundreds of drop shot worm styles in the market today, which makes it very difficult to choose the right one for yourself. I have narrowed the search down to the 5 best drop shot baits that I have personally chosen based upon a few factors.

Wacky-Rigged or Nose Hooked?

It’s important to choose a worm based on the way you will be rigging it. Some worms such as the Strike King KVD Dream Shot or Missile Baits Drop Craw are meant to be nose-hooked only for maximum action. Other drop shot worms like the standard Yamamoto Senko or Yamamoto Pro Senko achieve better action when wacky-rigged (hooked through the middle of the worm). This newer technique has proven to give a more enticing wobbling action on the fall as well as a more dramatic folding action when twitched, giving off a dying baitfish imitation.

Water Clarity

This is a huge factor when choosing colors for drop shot fishing, or even bass fishing in general. When the water is fairly clear or completely clear you want a worm that mimics more natural colors – any worm with Green Pumpkin or Watermelon colors are ideal. When the water is more stained you’ll want to switch over to either very bright or very dark. The brighter colors will flash better in the murky water while the darker colors will provide a stronger contrast and silhouette. Let’s use Roboworm colors for example:

Clear Water

  • Aaron’s Magic
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Oxblood Red Flake

Stained Water

Now that you have a better understanding of what worms to look for and why, we can move on to the different types of drop shot baits that are available today. I have hand-picked five of my all-time favorites and given each a description of why it stands apart from the rest. I have taken into careful consideration many of the key factors mentioned above, and personally have had the most luck with the baits on this list. Hopefully this helps your decision, and I hope you find your confidence bait!

Strike King KVD Dream Shot

KVD Dream Shot

The KVD Dream shot has been designed strictly for drop shot fishing, and the tail action on this bait is amazing. The Dream Shot shines when you’re gently twitching the rod tip. When given subtle twitches, the worm’s soft tail quivers enticingly with little to no effort at all. I personally love the design of the tail, and it’s what initially drew me to try this out.

Wacky-Rigged or Nose Hooked?

This bait has been specifically designed for nose-hooking, however, you can still wacky-rig it. When nose-hooked, the tail gives off a great twitching action as it follows the head of the bait up and down.


  1. Retail Price: $4.59-4.99
  2. Length: 4”
  3. Quantity Per Pack: 10

Favorite Dream Shot Colors

  1. KVD Magic
  2. Candy Craw
  3. Dirt

Zoom Swamp Crawler

zoom swamp crawler

The Zoom Swamp Crawler is definitely bang for your buck. You get 25 worms per pack for around $4, not to mention they work absolutely great. I started drop shot fishing with these worms and although I’m exploring other brands, my loyalty with the Swamp Crawler still remains true. The durability of the Swamp Crawler’s plastic feels very solid while still being very soft, and is capable of lasting quite a few fish before tearing off. The Zoom Swamp Crawler has proven that both quality and quantity can be achieved. I highly recommend trying their product!

Wacky-Rigged or Nose Hooked?

I prefer this bait wacky-rigged because the folding action that the wacky style provides simply looks better in the water. The Swamp Crawler features an extremely simple design, which means there are no fancy tails or ribs on this worm to make it stand out. Wacky-rigging the Swamp Crawler means maximum action on both the twitch and the fall, truly enhancing the capabilities of the bait.


  1. Retail Price: $3.99
  2. Length: 6”
  3. Quantity Per Pack: 25

Favorite Swamp Crawler Colors

  1. Green Pumpkin
  2. Green Pumkin/Red
  3. Watermelon Red
  4. June Bug

Roboworm Straight Tail

roboworm straight tail margarita mutilator

If you haven’t used a Roboworm Straight Tail or even heard of the company before, you’re missing out on some incredible drop shot opportunities. These hand-poured worms have truly become my confidence baits, and have helped me land fish in the toughest conditions. The softness of this bait makes it not as durable as other plastics, but the different layers of colors and infused salt for scent and taste make this worm irresistible. When twitched, the Straight Tail rolls and flashes whatever color was poured on the underside, giving it a much different look than other single-layer baits. Definitely worth a try if you’re just getting into drop shot fishing or if your current bait is not producing well. You won’t regret the Straight Tail!

Wacky-Rigged or Nose Hooked?

I have messed around with both methods when it comes to the Roboworm, and both have been extremely effective. Out of personal experience I feel that wacky-rigging the Straight Tail allows it to flash the underside much better, and it also slows the bait down on the fall during long pauses. If the fish are a bit more active try nose-hooking for a more intense darting action – this bait will excel at both.


  1. Retail Price – $3.99-4.29
  2. Size – Available in 4.5”, 6”, 7”
  3. Quantity Per Pack:
    • 4.5” – 10
    • 6” – 10
    • 7” – 8

Favorite Straight Tail Colors

Stained Water

  1. Margarita Mutilator
  2. Tequila Sunrise
  3. Witches T

Clear Water

  1. Aaron’s Magic
  2. SXE Shad
  3. Oxblood Crawler

Gary Yamamoto Pro Senko

gary yamamoto pro senko

Yamamoto products are known for being a bit more expensive, but for good reason. The quality of the plastic on these Yamamoto Pro Senkos are top-notch, and the durability and action in the water also makes the money worth it. I don’t use Yamamoto worms for drop shot as much as I used to simply because of the price, and that is just my honest feedback. I do, however, recommend that you try out the Pro Senko, because it will not disappoint. The tapered body makes for a perfect quivering action, and the endless list of proven Yamamoto colors can cover any situation and water clarity. These worms are also the perfect Nail Rig, or Neko Rig worm, but we’ll get into that later!

Wacky-Rigged or Nose-Hooked?

I prefer these worms wacky-rigged, simply because it enhances the tail action. When nose-hooked you lose quite a bit of tail quivering because the head of the worm is doing most of the response to your twitches. By wacky-rigging the Pro Senko you are able to place the tail end of the bait closer to the hook, giving the worm a folding, fluttering action.


  1. Retail Price: $7.19-7.49
  2. Length: 5”, 6.75”
  3. Quantity Per Pack: 10

Favorite Pro Senko Colors

  1. Laminate Brown Blue Flake/Watermelon
  2. Baby Bass
  3. Watermelon Black/Red Flake

Zoom Trick Worm

zoom trick worm

The Trick Worm is another drop shot staple. With the rigidity of a Zoom product and a different design from the Swamp Crawler, this bait is ideal if you’d like to beef up your drop shot worm a bit. These worms are thicker, float better, and feature a tail section that provides most of the action. If you want a drop shot bait that can also be Texas-rigged and Carolina-Rigged effectively, try this one out!

Wacky-Rigged or Nose-Hooked?

Definitely wacky-rig this one. Just like the Dream Shot, the body tapers down to a ball-style tail which works the best wacky-rigged. The worm is also more buoyant than other soft plastics which means a perfect gliding fall on the pause and intense twitching action.


  1. Retail Price: $4.19
  2. Length: 6.5”
  3. Quantity Per Pack: 20

Favorite Trick Worm Colors

  1. June Bug
  2. Green Pumpkin
  3. Watermelon/Red
  4. Big Texan


  1. You can’t go wrong with a roboworm but I have found that the zoom swamp crawler is a fantastic drop shot bait as well! 25 worms for $4! These are a must have when on a budget.

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