10 Fishing Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

10 Fishing Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Fishing Hack - Hooks on magnet

Fishing is already difficult as it is, so why not do a few things to make life easier for yourself? We’ve come across quite a few unique fishing hacks in the past so now it’s time to pass them onto you guys. If you have any interesting hacks that you’d like to share please list them in the comments below! You’ll not only be helping out the community but teaching the Scalz Team something new as well. We appreciate the support and we hope that these tips help you as much as possible.

1. Eliminate Line Twist

spool under hot waterWhenever you re-spool your reels the line has a tendency to twist easily especially if it’s fluorocarbon. This is because the spooling machines put a lot of tension on the line, causing it to set in a coiled position. If you’re spooling at home you might experience even more line twist while hand-reeling the entire process. Usually I’d recommend a line conditioner such as KVD Line and Lure, but if you want a free and efficient way of reducing line twist then run your spool under hot water for the same results. The heat will loosen up the line on your spool, resulting in less tension and reduced overall line memory. Repeat the process for however long you need to experience visible results.

2. Light It Up!

Scissors and knives aren’t the only tools that can cut braid. A lighter is actually just as effective if not more effective than cutters. The bonus of using a lighter to cut braid is that it leaves a small knob on the tip of your tag end, helping to prevent the knot from slipping. Next time you decide to fish with braid bring a lighter out with you and you won’t regret it!

3. Keep Your Hooks Organized

hook magnetI personally have a problem keeping a few of my hooks organized. My drop shot hooks for bass are always moving around in my tackle boxes and once I even lost all my tiny trout hooks because they simply fell out of the box. The solution? I went over to my refrigerator and stole a magnet which ended up working so perfectly I took a few more. You can either put the magnet back in your tackle box or simply keep the magnet in the original bag that the hooks came in. The choice is up to you! Magnets are cheap but hooks aren’t so it’s always nice to keep them in place.

4. Protect Your Rod Handle

shrink wrapThe handle is usually the first part of a rod to become noticeably dirty. After a trip or two all of the dirt and oils from your hands seep into your rod handle and turn that beautiful white cork into a muddy mess. If you want to keep your cork handle pristine (or if you don’t like the feel of cork) then invest in shrink wrap. Not only does the shrink wrap look great but it also gives you increased grip on your rod. I use shrink wrap on all my saltwater gear and it’s worked great protecting my rods from sharp rocks and being thrown around on the boat.

5. Protect Your Rods from Hook Rash

electrical tape on rodWe all know that our rods and reels will eventually get beat up, but anything we can do to preserve our gear will always ensure a longer lifespan. Wrap electrical tape underneath your hook keeper to prevent unwanted scratches from lures. If your hook keeper doesn’t look like the one in the photo you can simply wrap electrical tape above the keeper for the same results. I wish I had done this sooner for a few of my rods, and this is especially helpful in the future if you ever want to sell your rods. Buyers will always notice small dings and scratches!

6. Prevent Rod Bending

electrical tape on rodPrevent rod bending? Aren’t rods supposed to bend? Well we don’t mean the typical flexing that every rod was meant to do. In fact, rods that are leaned against a wall for extended periods of time will actually become bent out of shape permanently if left that way for too long. While working at a tackle shop I’ve noticed countless poles that were slightly crooked and it was sad to see quality gear deformed that way. The simple solution? Invest in a rod rack! Even a cheap wall-mounted rack is much better and will ensure that your gear stays nice and straight.

7. Get Rid of Fish Attractant Messes

Fish attractants and scents come in all forms. Some have the consistency of liquid and some feel like thick, sticky gel. Others are in between with a thinner, more oily consistency. If your scent comes in a jar (I personally use Smelly Jelly) then you understand the difficulties of dipping your plastics inside and the mess that comes afterwards. To solve this sticky situation (literally), I grabbed a small paintbrush that I had in my drawer and used that to apply the scent instead of dipping the entire bait in the jar. This saved my fingers from a nasty smell and I stashed the brush away in a Ziploc bag for clean and odorless storage.

If you’re a big soft swimbait fan then simply apply the scent to the midsection of your bait and use the tail end to smear it around the body. Repeat for both sides and you’re good to go! Another method is to put a bit of scent in a Ziploc bag and drop your bait or lure inside, effectively covering the entire bait. The only downside to this is it gets pretty messy if your bait isn’t already tied on.

8. Switch to Braid on Spinning Reels

switch to braidMany spinning reel users (especially bass anglers) have been making the switch from straight monofilament/fluorocarbon to braid for their main line with a mono/fluoro leader. This is because braided line will last many months longer than mono/fluoro and has zero stretch, making it extremely sensitive. For spinning reels around the 2500 size I’d recommend 20-30lb braid because the diameter is similar to that of 6-8lb monofilament. My connection knot of choice is a Reverse Albright Knot since it goes through the guides perfectly without damaging the inserts. Some anglers also use bright green, white, yellow or pink braid so they can visibly detect bites even better. Make the switch to braid and you’ll not only save money but be able to see and feel bites like never before.

9. Loosen Your Drag After Fishing

I’ve talked enough about preserving your rod, but there are ways to extend the life of your reels as well. Loosen the drag after every trip to prevent your drag system from losing pressure when fighting fish. Leaving the drag tightened all the way for extended periods of time will squish the felt material between your drag washers and as a result your drag won’t be as powerful. Always keep this little trick in mind and you’ll have more confidence next time you’re fighting a big one.

10. Hang Your Swimbaits

It doesn’t matter whether you have big swimbaits or small ones, but if you own any soft plastic swimbaits in general it’s always wise to hang them from a rack or custom-create your own tackle box for hanging baits. This tip is more important for the big swimbait users since lures such as the Huddleston Deluxe, Baitsmith or Trash Fish will have deformed tails if they’re placed on their side for too long.

Thanks for reading! Once again if you have any suggestions I would absolutely love to know and learn new tips so please drop a comment down below. Thanks for your support and tight lines!


  1. I really like the losen your drag hack. Makes alot of sense ill be doing that from now on. My grandfather taught me the cutting the braid with a lighter one also very good hack. Thanks

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