Welcome to the Scalz Fishing community. You’ve stumbled across a team of dedicated anglers that eat, sleep, and breathe fishing on a daily basis. We’re here to supplement your journey as you test new waters and target new species. You need it, we got it! Fishing tips to guide you through both your salt and freshwater missions. All that’s left is to pack your gear and head out! Thank you for joining the Scalz Team.


Before Scalz Fishing, we scoured other websites looking for informative freshwater fishing tips and saltwater fishing tips to prepare us for each trip. The information we came across was great, however, we noticed that the quality of both the site and its visual content wasn’t as appealing. Photos were pixelated, the website layouts were super outdated and some were straight up hideous! After browsing through a number of fishing tips websites, we quickly realized that most sites hadn’t been updated in years and the length of each article was extremely short. When you chat about fishing and exchange fishing tips with your fellow anglers, you can go on for hours! So why aren’t these articles telling us everything we need to know on a deeper, more helpful level? That’s where our fishing tips come in.

Fortunately for the rest of the world, Founders Andrew Yeh and Quinton Cranford happen to be masters of social media advertising, blogging, SEO and website development so therefore Scalz Fishing was created. Our goal for Scalz Fishing was to be the most informative free freshwater fishing tips and saltwater fishing tips website in the world, providing our audience with more easy-to-read, in-depth articles than our competitors. The issue with many articles that we’ve read is that they don’t provide that “personal” touch. Instead, you’re hit with recommendations for baits that the angler is sponsored by or very dry, basic information that many other anglers could quickly tell you. We strive to stay away from those obstacles and provide you with personal fishing tips that you won’t always find online. The kind that you learn through endless time on the water while talking to experienced anglers who give you the complete rundown on what you need to know.

We definitely weren’t going to stop at producing top-notch articles, either! Social media guru Andrew Yeh had become fed up with the endless amount of fishing groups and fishing crews online that would do nothing but repost other people’s content and have the nerve to publish pixelated, blurry photos of their own as well. No thanks, said Andrew! Thanks to the Scalz Team we have produced nothing but high-quality, engaging content across all social media platforms for our audience to enjoy on a daily basis. The Scalz Team is consistently out on the water, constantly gaining knowledge on both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing to share with our community.

So that’s it. We’re just a group of dedicated anglers looking to help other anglers in the most efficient way possible. Our drive comes from a never-ending crave to improve our website and everyone’s feedback continues to fuel our efforts.

When you come across our site you’ll experience nothing but pure awesome. Reading our freshwater and saltwater fishing tips will be the equivalent of sharing knowledge in person – the whole look and feel of each article will be extremely open and the information comes straight from our secret stash of ideas. We hope you enjoy our fishing tips as much as we enjoy writing them! Tight lines.

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November 2020